Airless Tyres

Bridgestone Corp. has developed a prototype non-pneumatic car tire, which uses thermoplastic ribs as load-bearing elements, that the company will debut at the 42nd Tokyo Motor Show.

Airless Tyres

The tire reflects the style of design shown initially by Michelin nearly seven years ago and more recently by Yokohama Rubber Co. Ltd. Bridgestone’s design, however, has a deeper structure of plastic ribs than either of the other two approaches, and it has a higher aspect ratio.

Bridgestone’s new airless tire provides the same level of shock absorption as an inflated tire without you having to worry about monitoring air pressure or changing a flat ever again.

Airless tires are nothing new, and can be seen on military vehicles and heavy machinery that do not use treads.

But they haven’t revolutionized the tire industry. Michelin’s experimental Tweel airless tires are said to suffer from vibration, heat, and noise problems at high speeds.