Ancient Greek Masterpiece revealed

A rare carved stone which the researchers have now dubbed the “Pylos Combat Agate,” revealed.

In 2016, archaeologists unearthed 3,500 year-old grave of a man in Pylos, Greece.

Above, the ‘Pylos Combat Agate’ that is approximately 1.4 inches long, took nearly a year to clean.  Credit Department of Classics, University of Cincinnati

Top, an enlarged drawing of the stunningly detailed combat scene captured on an agate sealstone discovered by the University of Cincinnati’s Sharon Stocker and Jack Davis.  Tina Ross/Courtesy Department of Classics, University of Cincinnati. Color illustration/Ben Gardner, UC Creative Services

Ancient Greek Masterpiece revealed

The limestone-encrusted sealstone was discovered lying face-down near the right arm of the Griffin Warrior.  Courtesy of The Department of Classics, University of Cincinnati

Jack Davis of the University of Cincinnati explains:

“What is fascinating is that the representation of the human body is at a level of detail and musculature that one doesn’t find again until the classical period of Greek art 1,000 years later. It’s a spectacular find.

Some of the details on this are only a half-millimeter big. They’re incomprehensibly small.”

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source UC Magazine