Apple becomes biggest company in U.S. history

On Monday, a strong performance in Apple Stock propelled the company’s value to $623 billion. Apple passes Microsoft to gain the position of the most valuable publicly traded stock of all time.

According to Mac Rumours website: “Microsoft’s market capitalization peaked on December 30, 1999, reaching an intraday high of $119.94 per share. With Microsoft having documented 5,160,024,593 outstanding shares as of October 31, 1999 in its quarterly earnings report, the company would have had a market capitalization of $618.89 billion on December 30th.

Apple’s most recent quarterly filing listed 937,406,000 outstanding shares as of July 13, 2012, and with the company’s stock price hitting $665 today, its market capitalization reached $623.5 billion.”

Source: Mac Rumours