Apricale Hydrogen-powered Hypercar

The impressive 1,072bhp hydrogen-powered Pininfarina-penned Apricale hypercar, launched at Goodwood.

The Apricale, a hydrogen-fueled hypercar with 1,072bhp, represents a revolution. It is the only hypercar to provide a zero-emissions powertrain in a car whose weight is the same as a petrol-powered equivalent – and half that of some battery-electric equivalents.

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In a world awash with ever larger, ever heavier hypercars, we were determined to prove there is a better way. Using expertise gained in F1 and other top motorsport series, we set the apparently impossible target of zero-emissions in a hypercar weighing 1000kg. That is what led to the development of a unique powertrain using a combination of hydrogen fuel cells and fast charge/discharge batteries inspired by F1 ERS (Energy Recovery System).

The solutions that enable a fuel cell hypercar to weigh 50% less than an equivalent battery-electric model will prove compelling across the transport sector. From this, a family of powertrain solutions and other proprietary technologies are flowing, including Tri-Volt™, our energy management system, and Graph-Pro™, our structural pressure vessels.

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Hydrogen, nature’s battery and the lightest and most plentiful element in the Universe, offers us endlessly recyclable, scalable energy storage, to complement green electricity made with wind, waves, and solar energy.

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