Retreat- Private Jet Design Concept

Greenpoint unveils ‘Retreat’ BBJ MAX 8 VIP interior concept, shortlisted for Design Award.

The International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2022 shortlisted Greenpoint Technologies’ BBJ MAX 8 VIP interior design concept, titled Retreat, for the Private Jet Design Concept award.

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Greenpoint’s  features a timeless, interactive main cabin ideal for socializing, relaxing and entertainment. Oversized, outboard-facing OLED monitors display curated videos of the destination, views from external high definition (HD) cameras or in-flight entertainment.

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Key design elements include white, high-gloss architecture accented by sustainable oak, tactile velvets and scalloped details. Organic greenery and soft LED lighting are diffused to promote a rejuvenating atmosphere. Inspired by flowing water, the cabin ceiling features a panel system with a high-gloss metallic finish reminiscent of a river meandering throughout the interior.

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“We recreated the experience of a luxury spa retreat. The Retreat interior brings together organic forms, live greenery and progressive, intuitive technology. The atmosphere is serene and modern – designed to encourage relaxation and self-care priorities. The result is a wellbeing haven, wherever you are in the world!” explains Annika Svore Wicklund, Greenpoint Design Director.

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