Ardenner three-track snowmobile

Ardenner an electric snowmobile featuring three tracks providing great forward thrust and stabilization.

Images credit Mattro

Austrian company Mattro created the electric snowmobile featuring three tracks ‘Ardenner’, exploring new ways for all terrain vehicles through a chassis that fully profits from the use of electric power.

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Alois Bauer, engineer and founder of Mattro, explains:

“For this vehicle we found tracks to be the ideal choice. Ski’s or similar would have meant limitation. This way it can easily move from snow to any other terrain. Like in a tripod, the third track acts as a stabilization for the loading bed, extremely helpful in difficult terrain and in times of uneven weight distribution.”
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Named after the strong and lively horse, the Ardenner is an electric work and recreational vehicle for all year long use on any surface. Though agile and easy to handle, it isn´t your conventional ATV. Neither an UTV although powerful, purposeful and with a big loading capacity. The use of tracks and a great ability to drive on snow makes it even comparable to a snow mobile. All of this and more than 1400 Nm and 50 kW of direct power can hardly put in words what the Ardenner is – a vision for snowmobiles and all-terrain vehicles by throwing old limitations and definitions and rebuild the notion of what an ATV really is.

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