Aska A5S Flying Car

Aska A5 is a flying car that combines the convenience of an automobile with the safety, ease and efficiency of VTOL flight.

Aska™ debuted the full-scale functional prototype of A5, the world’s first drive & fly eVTOL at CES Las Vegas, January 5-8th, 2023.

This was the first public showing of the Aska A5. The vehicle can drive and open the wings, and “it can do more…but we can’t demonstrate flight until final FAA certification.”

Aska A5S Flying Car

Aska A5: 4-seater and the size of a SUV, VTOL – Vertical Takeoff and Landing, STOL – Short Takeoff and Landing.

Full electric system with range extender (lithium ion batteries + engine). Flight range up to 250 miles. Flight speed up to 150 mph.

“Our target is to obtain highway certification with a speed of 70 mph while in drive mode. The first deliveries may be limited to local roads.”