Avalon EOS Unmanned Airship

EOS is a zero emissions, unmanned airship platform designed to cater for a wide range of industries.

The silent hybrid airship design allows this aircraft to stay in the air for extended periods of time while having a flexible payload capability. Water only landings give this vehicle a huge amount of possible landing sites. Utilising disused shipping canals would allow these vehicles to deploy from and deliver to city centers.

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Only landing on water, this Helium filled hybrid airship partially sinks to add substantially to it’s net weight. This prevents accidental takeoff and removes the need for landing personnel. Autonomous flight means this aircraft can operate in conditions too risky for piloted aircraft.

With a range of over 300 miles, this vehicle can transport goods and observe vast areas reliably. Being able to fly at a wide range of altitudes allows this vehicle to choose the most efficient path to the destination.

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For the police, ambulance and rescue applications of EOS, the aircraft is equipped with a remotely piloted drone, allowing it to give more direct aid in emergencies. A range of storage compartments allow the drone to carry a wide range of medical and survival payloads.

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source Avalon-Airships