Ballantine’s Space Glass (

Ballantine created the first whisky glass engineered to work in space.

“We’re delighted to launch the Ballantine’s Space Glass, having engineered and tested our prototype in microgravity at the ZARM Drop Tower, Bremen, Germany.”

Ballantine’s Space Glass (1)


The curved shape of the space glass, designed to fit in the palm of your hand in microgravity, with a weighted, rose gold base giving it a heavy feel here on Earth.

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James Parr from the Open Space Agency, who led the design and build of the glass, is convinced the glass heralds a new era of open-source space design.

“It was important that we focused on creating a ritual around how you drink from the Ballantine’s Space Glass to ensure a familiarity of what we are used to here on earth — the end result is one with several elements to that ritual, from the liquid entering the glass through to sipping from it.”

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Ballantine’s Space Glass (1)


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