Bell V-280 Valor

Bell unveiled V-280 Valor a full-scale model of the next generation in tiltrotor aircraft, for future UH-60 Black Hawk replacement for the 2030.

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The V-280 is designed with rotating rotors, maintaining the two engines in fixed positions on the win tips.

It Valor can cruise at 280 knots with a combat range of 500 to 800 nautical miles.

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The Bell V-280 Valor builds upon proven tiltrotor technology to deliver unmatched speed, range and payload with the agility to perform a multitude of missions unachievable with today’s conventional helicopter. Its clean-sheet design reduces complexity and improves reliability, maintainability and sustainability while reducing total ownerships costs.

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The Bell V-280’s unmatched speed, range and payload, operational agility, and low speed maneuverability provide transformational reach and revolutionary capability.

The U.S. Army and Department of Defense are seeking leap-ahead capabilities and have identified a speed of 230+ knots as a key discriminating capability. The U.S. Army’s current helicopter fleet cruises at 140 knots.

  • Speed: 280 KTAS
  • Combat range: 500-800nm
  • Strategically Self-Deployable – 2100+nm Range
  • Achieves 6k/95F Hover Out of Ground Effect (HOGE)
  • Carries crew of four and 14 troops
  • Useful load of 12,000+ lbs
  • Triple redundant fly-by-wire flight control system
  • Conventional, retractable landing gear
  • Two 6′ wide large side doors for ease of rapid ingress/egress
  • Enhanced situational awareness and sensing technologies

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