Bio-Monitor Tracks Astronauts’ Vital Signs

A new wearable technology designed for astronaut‘s daily routine aboard the Space Station (ISS), while monitoring and recording vital signs.

Bio-Monitor system includes a smart shirt and dedicated tablet application, will help keep an eye on astronauts’ health and enable new science by continuously measuring physiological data.

Above, Canadian Space Agency astronaut David Saint-Jacques tries the Bio-Monitor, for the first time in Space.  Credit: Canadian Space Agency/NASA

To participate in health experiments, astronauts must use several medical devices including electrocardiographs, blood pressure cuffs, fingertip oxygen saturation monitors, and ankle-bracelet activity sensors.

These devices are often bulky and invasive. Using them is disruptive and time-consuming.

The Bio-Monitor smart shirt that can also be worn during sleep and exercises, simplifies the process by combining numerous devices into one wireless, easy-to-use garment that records vital sign data. The system is designed to send information to the ground, where scientists can monitor the astronauts’ health around the clock as they orbit the planet.

Bio-Monitor Tracks Astronauts’ Vital Signs

Credit Canadian Space Agency

The system measures the following:

Pulse and electrical activity of the heart, blood pressure, breathing rate and volume, skin temperature, blood oxygen saturation, physical activity levels.

source Bio-Monitor