Boeing Unmanned Undersea vehicle that can operate for months

Boeing unmanned undersea vehicle can operate autonomously for months,  thanks to a hybrid rechargeable power system.

The 51-foot-long Echo Voyager, Boeing’s latest unmanned undersea vehicle (UUV), is the latest innovation in company’s UUV family, and will will begin sea trials off the California coast later this summer.

Darryl Davis, president, Boeing Phantom Works, said:

“Echo Voyager is a new approach to how unmanned undersea vehicles will operate and be used in the future. Our investments in innovative technologies such as autonomous systems are helping our customers affordably meet mission requirements now and in the years to come.”

Boeing Unmanned Undersea vehicle that can operate for months

“Echo Voyager can collect data while at sea, rise to the surface, and provide information back to users in a near real-time environment,” said Lance Towers, director, Sea & Land, Boeing Phantom Works. “Existing UUVs require a surface ship and crew for day-to-day operations. Echo Voyager eliminates that need and associated costs.”

Boeing has designed and operated manned and unmanned deep sea systems since the 1960s.

source Boeing