Boom Supersonic Jet

Boom has raised $33M in new funding to finish development and flight test of XB-1 supersonic jet.

Boom Technology has now the total funding of $41M, which is  enough to finish building the XB-1 Demonstrator.

The airplane will be the first independently-developed supersonic jet, the fastest ever made.

“Now we can execute our flight test program, and set a new speed record for civil aircraft. This is a key step on our mission to make Earth’s places and people more accessible.”

Boom Supersonic Jet

World’s fastest jet will fly from L.A. to Sydney in 6 hours.

Building a supersonic airplane is not easy — but it is important. As we celebrate this milestone on our journey toward a supersonic renaissance, I’d like to share what motives us at Boom: while we love the hard engineering and technical challenges, what really drives us is the enormous human benefit of faster travel.

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