The AeroVelo's Eta

The AeroVelo team with their bullet-shaped “speedbike,” reached a speed of 85.71 miles per hour and break the world record.

The AeroVelo’s Eta on Sept 17th,  Todd Reichert set a new Men’s 200M record of 85.71 mph.

Eta then broke that record on September 18th 2015 by going 86.50mph/139.21kph.
And then Eta broke that new record the following day, September 19th 2015, by going a speed of 86.65mph/139.45kpm!

The new record is  2.58 mph faster than the 83.13 mph record set by  Sebastiaan Bouwier of HPV Team Delft in Velox 3 on  September 14th, 2013.

via The Verge

source AeroVelo