A Japanese-style Bullet Train for Texas (1)

A Japanese-style bullet train project, connecting North Texas and Houston in 90 minutes, at a top speed of 200 mph.

The bullet train could start construction at the end of next year and opening to the public in 2020.

This project is good for Texas because, once constructed, the train will join the two largest commercial centers in the state. Together these regions represent approximately half of the Texas population. Connecting them with this safe, accessible and reliable transportation option will provide Texans more opportunities as they live, work and play. Additionally, this important

High-Speed Rail in Texas Takes a Big Step Forward:

The NCTCOG Regional Transportation Council resolution recognizes the stellar safety record of the high-speed train system being deployed. This resolution identifies this system, which has a flawless safety record during more than 50-years of operations, as the “Region’s preferred high-speed rail technology,” citing safety, reliability and its efficient use of land.

Image credit Texas Central Railway

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