Inflatable Tent for the moon

A high-tech inflatable tent concept, is a clever solution for long expeditions on the Moon.

Image credit Schreiner, Setterfield et al

Designed by a team of aerospace engineers at MIT, the inflatable habitat is lightweight, packable and will help the future moon astronauts to camp out on the moon and extend their range.

It consists of an inflatable pod that can fit two people for an overnight stay, a reflective thermal shield that would protect them from extremely hot sun’s rays and a rover

Life support systems, like oxygen, food, and water, will be contained at the rover.

Inflatable Tent for the moon 2The inflatable habitat (1). The environmental control and life support system on the rover (2) maintains the habitat’s internal environment. The thermal shield (3). Supplies power(4).  Image credit Schreiner, Setterfield et al

MIT engineer Samuel Schreiner told Popular Science:

“When packed, the entire system, would take up roughly half as much space as an average refrigerator.”

“Astronauts would set up the shelter using inflatable tubes made of the same silicone-coated fabric that the Mars Pathfinder and Mars Exploration Rovers used in their landing bags. Once the astronauts enter the pod, and close the airlock, the life support systems on the rover will kick in and fill the habitat with oxygen via umbilical cables.”

Inflatable Tent for the moon 3Image credit Schreiner, Setterfield et al

via Popsci