Celera 500L "Bullet Plane"

The Otto Aviation Celera 500L “bullet plane” is a revolution in private aviation, offering drastic reduction in drag over traditional aircraft.

Otto Aviation aerodynamic Celera 500L is designed for transcontinental range with operating costs equal to or better than commercial airline ticket pricing on a per passenger basis.

Celera 500L "Bullet Plane" (6)

Transcontinental range. Payload for 6 adult passengers. Cruise speeds up to 460mph. Operating costs equal to or better than commercial airline ticket pricing. The Celera 500L’s extensive use of laminar shapes for the wings, fuselage and tail-section makes this possible.

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The plane features extremely low drag across the entire aircraft with a highly fuel efficient propulsion system. To achieve this, extensive use of laminar shapes was used for the wings, fuselage, and tail sections.

  • 5-7 times reduction in operating cost

  • 8 times lower fuel consumption

  • Cruise speeds equivalent to similar-sized jet aircraft

  • 4,500 nautical mile range

  • Powered bu liquid cooled V12, twin 6-cylinder bank, capable of independent operation with mutually independent critical engine sub-systems for each bank

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Laminar flow is the minimum drag solution for aircraft surfaces, and features smooth layers of airflow with little to no mixing of adjacent layers. The design of the Celera fuselage takes advantage of an optimum length-to-width ratio to maximize laminar flow. These benefits will not scale for large jet transports and are therefore well suited for an aircraft like the Celera.

Celera 500L “Bullet Plane”

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