Chess Sets Recycled Materials

There are some modern artists who have become highly successful in transforming waste into 10 unique chess sets.

This beautifully crafted High Octane chess set (above) is made especially for the car guys.

The auto parts chess set is made by designer Armando Ramirez using NGK and AC DELCO spark plugs and spare parts.

Chess Sets 5

This unique chess set has been created using recycled batteries.

Chess Sets 7

This Steampunk Hardware chess set has been carefully crafted.

Chess Sets 8

This unusual chess set is the brainchild of designer Eric Claverie.

Chess Sets 9

The Scacchie-Re is a chess set created by Italian designers Alessandro Garlandini and Stefano Castiglioni.

Chess Sets 10

The F1 team with an all new concept of chess game.

Chess Sets 2

The Micro Processor Chess by using 32 microprocessor chips.

Chess Sets 4

From Armando Ramírez, this product is made up using scrap metal.

Chess Sets 3

Made by Jesse Dean in 1968 using 428 lamp parts.

Chess Sets6