China’s Fusion reactor

A Chinese fusion reactor managed to sustain plasma three times the temperature of the core of our sun for a record-breaking 102 seconds.

Chinese scientists were able to heat plasma at temperatures of over 90 million degrees for 102 seconds.

In their effort for limitless energy via nuclear fusion, have created plasma at a temperature of 90 million degrees Fahrenheit and sustained it for nearly two minutes, 102 seconds to be precise.

The team behind Germany’s US$1 billion stellarator nuclear fusion reactor, says:

“We actually need to achieve temperatures far hotter than those estimated to exist in the center of the Sun. The ideal temperature is 100 million degrees Celsius.”

The LHC has been able to create plasma at a temperature reaching as high as 10 trillion degrees, that’s about 250,000 hotter than the core of the Sun, but for a fraction of a second.

China’s Fusion reactor

Chinese scientists succeed to heat hydrogen gas to 50 million Kelvins for a record time.   Image credit Hefei Institute of Physical Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences

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source South China Morning Post