China's re-usable Space Plane

China‘s re-usable space plane could fly into orbit from a traditional runway by 2020.

China’s reusable launch vehicle will carry heavy payloads into orbit, is designed to be used over 20 times.
It will launch from a runway like a traditional aircraft, combines the first and second stages together into a single one, that will be recoverable.

China's re-usable Space Plane

Chen Hongbo, director of the research and development center at the China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology at CASC, explains:

“The cost to launch China’s reusable launch vehicle will be cut to one-fifth of the current price at the initial stage, and even cut to one-tenth in the future.

The reusable launch vehicle will mainly provide service for a 300 to 500 kilometer-high orbit. It can meet the demands of fast, reliable and low-cost space transportation in the future.

For example, it can deliver astronauts and goods to a space station, provide a launch service for military and civilian purposes and even serve space tourism.”

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