Cimon – a new 'Cyber Colleague' on the ISS

The Crew Interactive MObile companioN (CIMON) is an innovative assistance system for astronauts at ISS, which is equipped with artificial intelligence (AI) and can act autonomously.

CIMON can ‘see’, ‘hear’, ‘understand’ and ‘speak’ with its sensors, cameras, microphones and processors, but it can also explain a wide range of information. It can even perform simple routine tasks such as documenting experiments.

Above, CIMON showing how it will look once it’s deployed on the ISS.  Image credit DLR

Since the AI assistant is voice-controlled, the astronauts can perform tasks using both their hands.

It can move freely and perform rotational movements, thanks to twelve internal fans providing mobility in all directions.


The development team of CIMON.  Image credit DLR

source DLR