Citroen's tiny Ami One Concept

Ami One Concept unique object of mobility with cubic body and an ultra compact size, dedicated to driving in urban environment.

Citroen Ami One Concept features 2 places, 2m50 length, 1m50 broad and 1m50 high block.

It gives new opportunities thanks to his symmetrical parts like:

– Completely identical doors on the right and on the left inducing a different direction of opening (antagonistic conducting side for a better accessibility, classical passenger side for more security),

– Front-sides/back with repeated elements and reversed settlement, – identical bottom bumpers,

– Identical wings in diagonal with their stops at the front like in the back, – identical body bottom at the left and the right,

– Reversible rear lights right/left

– Parts forming the rear view mirrors and handles of doors implying an assembly with different directions.


The cockpit is characterised by a rationalisation of materials and aspects. It valorizes space on board and functionality. He plays also the card of the storages, smartly distributed. A new storage area in the passenger side allows to welcome a cabin-format luggage and a handbag. Another strong marker of this object of urban mobility: its canvas roof with manual opening.

source Citroen