Cyclogyro Rotor concept

The only Cyclogyro rotor concept in the world delivering high rotation speed, sufficient thrust, and efficient energy consumption, is a competitive alternative system for aircraft propulsion.

Cyclogyro patented rotors are the superior solution as the combination of VTOL, high maneuverability, fast and efficient forward flight, and compact design is required on a flight mission.

The industrial use of drones with the Cyclogyro propulsion system is optimal for work in tight surroundings. The use of four or more rotors in a ring-shaped arrangement provides agility superior to all quad- or multicopter configurations.

Cyclogyro Rotor concept (3)

The ability to steer both the direction and the magnitude of thrust of every single rotor allows for precise positioning through rotation around all aircraft axes as well as for adaptation to varying circumstances such as crosswinds and gusts.

Cyclogyro Rotor concept (2)

The major challenge of using the Cyclogyro rotor technology in air instead of water is the far higher revolutions per minute required to create sufficient thrust for aviation applications.

This results in extreme lightweight construction requirements for highly stressed rotor components and demands new concepts, advanced composite material and innovative processing methods. CycloTech faced the challenge – and found the perfect solution. The Cyclogyro rotor technology is a clear ground-breaking innovation for VTOL and urban air mobility.

“We estimate the time to market to be approximately two to three years.”

Cyclogyro Rotor concept (1)

source Cyclotech