CycloTech First Air Car with CycloRotors

CycloTech first air car with CycloRotors features a compact, passenger-oriented design.

CycloTech presents CruiseUp, an air vehicle that visualizes the benefits of CycloRotor technology and its capability of 360° thrust vectoring.

Based on 15 years of CycloRotor technology development, wind tunnel testing, and experience from more than 500 flights of its technology demonstrator, the CruiseUp concept is designed to meet individual air mobility needs expected to emerge next decade.

CycloTech First Air Car with CycloRotors


It opens up new possibilities for everyday activities in a comfortable, simple, and safe way, as sustainable individual air mobility will become a reality this century, replacing pollution-intensive ground-based transportation.

CycloTech First Air Car with CycloRotors


CruiseUp has unique 360° thrust vectoring capabilities, allowing passengers to travel comfortably within urban, suburban, and rural areas. It offers a top speed of 150km/h and a range of 100 km, while most megacities and their suburbs are within a 20 km radius.

Images credit CycloRotors

source CycloTech