Dart AE Hypersonic aircraft

The Dart AE is an experimental hypersonic aircraft expected to hit Mach 7, running on green hydrogen.

Hypersonix is Australia’s leading aerospace engineering, design, and build company,
specializing in hypersonic technology and scramjet engines.

It is currently building DART AE, an unmanned hypersonic flight demonstrator designed to allow customers to investigate flight conditions, data transmission, and maneuverability at hypersonic speeds.

Dart AE is part of the Department of Defense test program.

Dart AE Hypersonic aircraft


Hypersonix has taken delivery of a technology demonstrator version of its hydrogen-powered scramjet manufactured in High-Temperature Ceramic Matrix Composites (HTCMCs) from a leading European aerospace manufacturer.

Dart AE Hypersonic aircraft


The multi-award-winning SPARTAN scramjet engine is now available in Inconel 718, 3D- printed in Australia in cooperation with Amiga Engineering, capable of speeds of up to Mach 7. This technology demonstrator project has perfected the design and techniques required to offer a version that can operate at speeds of up to Mach 12 and sustain the rigors of repeated flights. When traveling at Mach 5 or higher speeds, the high heat generated by friction can compromise the structural integrity of various critical parts of hypersonic vehicles.

Images credit Hypersonix