Hubble Space Telescope on April 25, 1990

The Hubble Space Telescope is suspended above shuttle Discovery‘s cargo bay, 332 nautical miles above Earth. The image was taken by the crew of the STS-31 space shuttle mission, on April 25, 1990.

The Canadian-built Remote Manipulator System (RMS) arm, controlled from in-cabin by the astronaut crew members, held the huge telescope in this position during pre-deployment procedures, which included extension of solar array panels and antennae.

STS-31 was the tenth launch of the shuttle Discovery. On board were Commander Loren J. Shriver, Pilot Charles F. Bolden, Jr. (now NASA Administrator), Mission Specialists Steven A. Hawley, Bruce McCandless II and Kathryn D. Sullivan (now NOAA Administrator). To launch Hubble into an orbit that guaranteed longevity, Discovery soared to a record altitude of 600 km.

Image Credit: NASA

source NASA