Stunning Space Photos of 2016

Auroras on Jupiter

A selection of amazing space views, taken aboard the International Space Station and more, from the NASA, ESA, JAXA agencies.

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Cartwheel Galaxy from Hubble

The impressive galaxy on the right is known as the Cartwheel Galaxy, along with the two galaxies on the left, is part of a group of galaxies about 400 million light years away in the constellation Sculptor.

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Filaments around a Black Hole

Filaments around a Black Hole in galaxy NGC 4696

The filaments in this image appear to connect to the central region of the galaxy NGC 4696, a region thought occupied by a supermassive black hole.

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The Universe is 10 times more crowded that we thought


New observations suggests that the Universe may contain 10 times more Galaxies than we thought.

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The Hubble photo that changed astronomy


The 1995 Hubble photo that changed astronomy. Watch this Hubble Deep Field footage, explained by the man who made it happen…

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Possible water plumes on icy moon Europa

Possible water plumes on icy moon Europa

NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope took direct ultraviolet images of the icy moon Europa transiting across the disk of Jupiter.  Watch the video…

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The Final Frontier by NASA

The immense galaxy cluster Abell S1063

In celebration of Star Trek‘s new movie and 50th anniversary, the Hubble Space Telescope is sharing its newest Frontier Field image…

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Bright giant Auroras on Jupiter

Bright giant Auroras on Jupiter

Watch this composite video showing the stunning auroras on Jupiter, relative to their position on the giant planet.

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Universe Is Expanding Faster Than Expected

Universe Is Expanding Faster Than Expected

Using the NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope, astronomers discovered that the universe is expanding 5 percent to 9 percent faster than expected.

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Hubble’s New View of Mars

Hubble’s New View of Mars

Hubble captured Mars on May 12, 2016, ten days before Mars would be nearest to our planet, on the exact opposite side of the Earth from the Sun.

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