The light in the bubble Lamp by The light in the bubble

These are the winners of A’ design awards and Competition 2014 for the lighting products category, promoting creativity and innovation.

Take a look at these brilliant lighting products of the A’ design awards and Competition 2014:

Above: The light in the bubble Lamp by The light in the bubble

The light in the bubble Lamp

‘The light in the bubble is a modern light bulb in memory of the Edison’s filament bulb light. It’s a led light source fitted inside a plexiglas sheet, cutted by laser with a light’s bulb shape. The bulb is transparent, but when you turn on the light, you can see the filament and the bulb shape. It can be used like pendel light or in replacing a traditional bulb.’

The light in the bubble Lamp 2


Vana Installation by Orproject:

Vana Installation by Orproject

‘We developed a series of algorithms that digitally generate open and closed venation patterns, which can be used to simulate the growth of topiaries.’

Vana Installation by Orproject 2


Lightscape Pavilion Art Installation by Daisuke Nagatomo:

Lightscape Pavilion Art Installation

‘Lightscape Pavilion combines digital fabrication methods with local specific material, such as bamboo dowels. The design concept is inspired by the traditional Chinese lantern, which is made with bamboo and paper.’

Lightscape Pavilion Art Installation 2


Sky Surface Downlight by Rubén Saldaña Acle

Sky Surface Downlight

‘Feel like levitating. A light fixture appearing that is floating. A slim and light disc a few centimeters from the ceiling. That is the impossible design concept achieved by Sky. Sky is a surface luminary that creates a visual effect which makes the luminary appear to be suspended at 5 centimeters from the ceiling, making this light fitting attractive and different. ‘

Sky Surface Downlight 2

source A’ design awards and Competition 2014