Drone Skyscraper in Manhattan

This drone skyscraper concept,  allows unmanned vehicles to dock in the center of crowded Manhattan, in New York City.

The drone skyscraper by Hadeel Ayed Mohammad, Yifeng Zhao and Chengda Zhu, awarded second place in eVolo’s annual skyscraper competition.

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The designers have proposed a skyscraper terminal, a docking and charging station for drones.

The design of the tower allows drones to dock horizontally onto the platforms.

The designers, explained:

“This centrally controlled model will be more appealing to the legislative sector as it adheres to the concerns about regulating drone traffic. The primary location of the building does not only gather the commercial power of manhattan, but also stands away from the no-fly-zones set by the federal aviation administration.

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The overall organization of the façade uses layering as means to maximize surface area, with two overlapping exterior layers and an inner layer. A hierarchy is established, as the size of drones and modules is smaller in the inner layer creating a more intricate interior that can be accessed by the smallest drones by a major opening in the façade.”

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via evolo