Droneliner Cargo Plane

Droneliner cargo plane without a pilot finally takes wing and can reduce airfreight cost by more than 70%.

Droneliner is a transformational global freight system that can carry 40 or more lightweight 20ft shipping containers in a remotely-piloted roll-on/roll-off aircraft, providing same-day/next-day worldwide bulk delivery.

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Droneliner can reduce the cost of airfreight by more than 70% and bring it down to levels comparable to sea freight while reducing delivery time and emissions. It makes airfreight a viable option for many more goods.

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Lightweight intermodal 20-ft containers
No pilots (a long-haul airliner needs multiple crew)
Heavy lifting (200-ton or 350-ton payload)
90%+ reduction in handling costs
Efficient roll-on/roll-off freight system
6,500-mile range

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Lifts 40 or 70 5-ton carrying 20ft containers
Hyperactive: 1-hour turnaround Suitable for military and civilian use
Ultra-low-drag airframe
Off-the-shelf components
Low-cost modular construction
A fraction of the operating costs
95% reduction in CO2 emissions

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