Eff You See Eye by Specialized

This is an exceptional concept e-bike named ‘Eff You See Eye’ or ‘fUCI,’ a personal project from the creative director Robert Egger of Specialized.

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Specialized creative director Robert Egger came up with this concept e-bike, representing everything UCI (Union Cycliste Internationle), the governing body of every major bike race in the world, wants to regulate.

For example it features a 33.3 inches back wheel and an electric motor in the hub.

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When it comes to design, Specialized’s Creative Director, Robert Egger, don’t gotta-lotta time for rules imposed by others. He believes that like lions on the savannah, designers should be free to wander the glorious ‘what if’ landscape, joyfully unfettered by limits imposed on imagination. With fUCI—a cheekily named concept bike with nothing but curious intentions—he let his own sketching hand roam free, ignoring the basics of the UCI’s technical regulations to imagine one potential evolution of a bicycle. No rules. No restrictions. Just a teaser for the future.

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Creative director Robert Egger, explains:

“The UCI really caters to a very small population, but there’s so many other people out there who couldn’t care less about the UCI. They don’t follow the racing and they don’t even know all the limitations that are put on bikes for the UCI riders. So, my feeling was let’s design a bike for someone who really just wants to go fast on a road bike.

This is an e-bike. it has a motor here, in the bottom bracket. So just like when you ride the turbo and you put your foot on the pedal and it lurches forward, the same thing here.”

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