MotoCzysz E1PCAn Oregon company built an electric motorcycle, the 2010 MotoCzysz E1PC, and in June it beat every battery-powered rival in cycling’s most death-defying challenge: the Isle of Man Tourist Trophy race.

Powered by a 134-horsepower oil-cooled electric motor and a 12.5-kilowatt-hour lithium-polymer battery pack, the E1PC reached a top speed of 135 mph, completing its 37.7-mile lap in just over 23 minutes, on the island’s mountainous road course.

The limited driving range is always the problem. The MotoCzysz battery held enough for one lap, but it probably couldn’t have done another. Founder Michael Czysz claims the prototype bike can manage 100 miles in less-stressful conditions.

Electric MotoCzysz


toCzysz E1PC4

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