King Penguin

An enormous King penguin colony shows how the adult birds care for their chicks. The picture was taken at the shoreline of South Georgia, a British territory close to the Falklands.

You can see tens of thousands of King penguins, with their brown chicks corralled into vast creches. Photograph Andy Rouse

King Penguin

A line of brown chicks along the river, where the youngsters rinse off as moulting causes them to itch.

The chicks, which take between 10 to 13 months to raise – cannot regulate their body temperature and the parents care for them round the clock for the first three weeks.

King Penguin

They then put the chicks in one of the creches, returning every two or three days with food.

It is one of the main breeding colonies for the birds. A full penguin breeding cycle lasts more than a year and pairs generally breed twice every three years.

There are an estimated 2.23million pairs of King Penguins with numbers increasing.

Photograph Andy Rouse