eSAT Silent Air Taxi

The eSAT Silent Air Taxi (SAT) is a modern aircraft for up to four passengers with a cruising speed of over 300 km/h and a range of 1,000 km.

The Silent Air Taxi is currently being developed by the e.SAT GmbH in Aachen.

It features an innovative boxwing and a unique hybrid electric (e) drivetrain.

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This allows short take-off distances from almost any runway.

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The Silent Air Taxi features:

Aero-acoustically optimized design of the entire aircraft. Ultra low-noise fan, extensive soundproofing of the drivetrain.
The powerful hybrid drive requires a take-off run of less than 400 meters.
Hybrid drive: Intelligent combination of combustion and electric motors. Particularly easy operation due to a high level of automation. High redundancy in the overall system of the aircraft.
Premium-quality seats, easy entry and exit, plenty of legroom and large panoramic windows for added passenger comfort.
Optimal operating points of each motor at take-off, climb and during cruise flight ensure a high overall efficiency.
Fast charging batteries for short ground times.

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source e.SAT GmbH