Fermilab breaks ground on a major new Particle Accelerator

Fermilab breaks ground on a major new particle accelerator project that will power cutting-edge physics experiments for many decades to come.

The new 215-meter-long linear accelerator will be the first accelerator project built in the United States with significant contributions from international partners.

When complete, the new machine will become the heart of the laboratory’s accelerator complex, vastly improving what is already the world’s most powerful particle beam for neutrino experiments and providing for the long-term future of Fermilab’s diverse research program.

The new PIP-II accelerator will make use of the latest superconducting technology, a key research area for Fermilab. Its flexible design will enable it to work as a new first stage for Fermilab’s chain of accelerators, powering both the laboratory’s flagship project — the international Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment (DUNE), hosted by Fermilab — and its extensive suite of on-site particle physics experiments, including searches for new particles and new forces in our universe.

Image credit Fermilab 

source fnal.gov