Ferrari SF90 Spider

Ferrari‘s SF90 first production plug-in hybrid spider, sets new performance and innovation benchmarks for the entire sports car sector.

The new SF90 convertible has the same extreme supercar specification and record-breaking performance as the SF90 Stradale yet also adds further driving pleasure and versatility to the mix, thanks to the latest iteration of Ferrari’s signature Retractable Hard Top architecture.

Ferrari SF90 Spider (3)

This makes the SF90 Spider the ideal car for owners that demand the very pinnacle of Ferrari technology, but still want the thrill and versatility of open-top driving.

Ferrari SF90 Spider (8)

The SF90 Spider has plug-in hybrid architecture in which the internal combustion engine is integrated with two electric motors at the front, which comprise the RAC-e (Cornering Angle Regulator, Electric) system, and one at the rear derived from and named after a Prancing Horse Formula 1 innovation, the MGUK (Motor Generator Unit, Kinetic).

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The synergy between the internal combustion engine and the electric motors unleashes a maximum of 1,000 cv and puts the SF90 Spider not only at the very top of its category but also the Maranello range.

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