H3X HPDM 250 electric aircraft motor

The H3X HPDM 250 is the next step in the evolution of electric propulsion technology, with unrivaled power density – 13 kW/kg continuous.

The HPDM-250 features the highest level of integration on the market, is an ultra-high power density integrated motor drive for electric aircraft.

It combines the electric motor and inverter (+ optional gearbox) into one powerful unit. 250kW in a 15kg package.

It is the culmination of H3X innovation in multiple areas including:

Electromagnetics design optimization
DMLS 3D printed synergistic cooling jacket
SLM 3D printed copper stator coils
Robust fault tolerance
Thermal resistance reduction
High frequency SiC power electronics

H3X HPDM 250 electric aircraft motor

H3X has developed a new kind of stator coil that is additively manufactured using pure copper with >93% IACS conductivity.

“Our AMcoils achieve >70% copper fill factor in the HPDM-250 and offer a 40% improvement over conventional windings in terms of maximum continuous current density.”

H3X HPDM 250 electric aircraft motor

source H3X