Firefighter mask with thermal intelligence system

Tyco’s Scott Safety unveiled the first in-mask thermal intelligence system for the firefighting industry at FDIC International show.

The future of firefighting, explains Tyco, will move closer to reality at this week’s FDIC International show in Indianapolis with the launch of Scott Sight, a new in-mask thermal intelligence system for firefighters from Scott Safety.  This new technology is designed to improve firefighter safety by providing the real-time benefits of thermal imaging in plain sight of all firefighters.

Image credit Tyco

Firefighters have used hand-held thermal imaging cameras since the 1990s to see through the thick smoke often encountered during fires.

Jeff Emery, director of global marketing with Tyco’s Scott Safety business, said:

“This enhanced capability is the direct result of a need expressed by firefighters to have thermal imaging technology that’s more accessible and easier to use. Tyco has invested heavily  in developing innovative solutions for the fire services, reflecting our deep commitment to the firefighter community.  It’s personally fulfilling for the Scott Safety team when we can introduce advancements like Scott Sight that will better protect the firefighters and enable them to work more effectively in challenging environments.”

The idea for Scott Sight was born from collaborative discussions with firefighters.  Scott’s ultimate customers consistently communicated a need for every firefighter to have increased visibility in dark environments.

Kim Henry, director of growth initiatives for Scott Safety and the leader of the Firefighter of the Future team, stated:

“Making thermal imaging accessible was a first step. One of the key challenges we faced was to create an adjustable, sleek design that wouldn’t interfere with the firefighter’s personal protection equipment, field of view or scene hazards. Scott Sight addresses those challenges, while creating a platform that will expand to offer additional capabilities in the future. We are proud of the final product and excited to showcase Scott Sight at FDIC.”

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