Solar Impulse, piloted by Bertrand Piccard

The Solar Impulse, piloted by Bertrand Piccard, has become the first aircraft to cross the Atlantic on solar power.

Bertrand Piccard with Solar Impulse arrived in Seville, Spain and made this first transatlantic solar and electric crossing with zero fuel and zero emissions.

Bertrand Piccard has surpassed aviation with this flight by adding an extra twist to this challenge of crossing the Atlantic Ocean. Just like Charles Lindbergh, Bertrand Piccard flew across the Atlantic Ocean, but didn’t choose the easiest way to get there. Himself, André Borschberg and the Solar Impulse team needed an extra challenge: to cross the Atlantic Ocean without a single drop of fuel. This is not a first for aviation, but definitely a first for clean technology.

First aircraft to cross the Atlantic on Solar Power

A beautiful flight that has countlessly left Bertrand in awe at the vast expanse of the Atlantic Ocean – encountering oil tankers, islands, whales, icebergs, and an abundance of water. This flight is Bertrand Piccard’s longest flight with Si2 – reaching a total flight time of 71 hours and 8 minutes to make it across the pond to Europe on the round-the-world solar flights.

Solar Impulse Airplane – Leg 15 – Flight New York to Seville:

Images credit Solar Impulse