GE Aerospace Hypersonic Dual-Mode Ramjet

GE Aerospace unveiled the Hypersonic dual-mode ramjet with rotating detonation combustion, designed to power vehicles that travel at speeds exceeding MACH 5, or more than 4,000 MPH.

At the Research Center in Niskayuna, GE Aerospace showcased a pioneering achievement – the world’s first hypersonic dual-mode ramjet (DMRJ) rig test featuring rotating detonation combustion (RDC) in a supersonic flow stream. This innovation has the potential to enable high-speed, long-range flights with improved efficiency. GE Aerospace’s milestone positions the company to explore various opportunities in the hypersonic sector, as it plans to become a standalone entity in the second quarter of 2024.

GE Aerospace as part of its extensive hypersonic program has unveiled a groundbreaking technology called Rotating Detonation Combustion (RDC), which leverages a range of capabilities, incorporating high-temperature materials, advanced electronics, thermal management, and aerodynamics to propel hypersonic vehicles.

The successful demonstration of the high-speed propulsion DMRJ is just one aspect of GE Aerospace’s comprehensive portfolio of technology programs aimed at advancing hypersonic capabilities.

Amy Gowder, President and CEO, GE Aerospace, Defense & Systems, said:

“As the aerospace sector sets its sight on the future of hypersonics, GE Aerospace is well positioned with the right capabilities, experience, and scale to be a leader in driving new developments for our customers. The highly successful demonstration of a DMRJ with RDC is an outgrowth of our 10+ years of RDC work, including the strategic acquisition of Innoveering that has brought leading technologies and experience in hypersonic propulsion and ramjets.”

Image credit GE Aerospace

source GE Aerospace