Genetically-Engineered Bacteria Produce Energy by Inhaling CO2

Genetically-engineered bacteria can inhale CO2 from the air and convert it into energy.

A team of scientists lead by Harvard Professor of Energy, Daniel G. Nocera, has genetically engineer bacteria so that they absorbs carbon dioxide, to convert it into alcohol fuel.

The team was aiming for 5 percent efficiency, almost 5 times better than plants.

Profesor Nocera said in a lecture at Chicago:

“Right now we’re making isopropanol, isobutanol, isopentanol. These are all alcohols you can burn directly. And it’s coming from hydrogen from split water, and it’s breathing in CO². That’s what this bug’s doing.

If I give you my renewable hydrogen the only thing you’ll do is blow up balloons with it. There’s no infrastructure for hydrogen.”

via sciencealert