Graphene Wristband senses and treats your Blood Sugar (1)

Scientists unveiled a graphene-based wristband with thermoresponsive microneedles for diabetes monitoring and therapy.

The new graphene-based wristband, measures the level of glucose in the bloodstream of diabetic patients and delivers a drug to the exact needed level.

The inventors from South Korea, Massachusetts and Texas, described their work in the journal Nature:

The stretchable device features a serpentine bilayer of gold mesh and gold-doped graphene that forms an efficient electrochemical interface for the stable transfer of electrical signals. The patch consists of a heater, temperature, humidity, glucose and pH sensors and polymeric microneedles that can be thermally activated to deliver drugs transcutaneously. We show that the patch can be thermally actuated to deliver Metformin and reduce blood glucose levels in diabetic mice.

via engadget