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Houston Spaceport has been approved as the next United States commercial spaceport, the FAA announced.

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Houston Spaceport located at Ellington Airport, will include facilities for space vehicle assembly and act as an accelerator for innovation and an incubator for growth.

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According to the new spaceport, Johnson Space Center and other NASA facilities, coupled with a large subcontractor community of over 80 aerospace companies, give significant access to an existing, robust aerospace community.

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Imagine a sub-orbital commercial flight from Houston to Tokyo in less than 3 hours. As we dip our toe into the new waters of near-space travel, we open up doors to opportunities we could only imagine just a few decades ago. Just as the Wright Brothers “shortened the distance” between points on the map when they invented heavier-than-air travel in 1903, commercial spaceflight promises once more to connect the world in ways only recently unimaginable.

Connecting the people, the businesses, the economies and the people of the world to Houston is one of the Spaceport’s major goals as we leverage Houston’s potential as a major center of aerospace development and operations.

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