Slapsee Sunglasses

The Slapsee Sunglasses introduces a brand new style, with the innovative spring arms, to easily carry them anywhere.

The lightweight and able to block 100% of UV rays Slapsee Sunglasses, are made by a collapsible center at the nose-bridge and silicone-coated spring arms, that let you ‘slap’ them on your wrist, bicycle handlebars and more.

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SlapSeeTMSunnies are with a unique design that’s both innovative and fun.

The secret is in the ground-breaking frames which feature a special hinged nose-bridge and silicone-coated spring arms. SlapSeeTMSunnies are the first sunglasses in the world that ‘clip’ to your head so they won’t fall off, then fold and ‘slap’ around your wrist, ankle, bike handlebars or just about anything else. Clip so they grip, slap so they wrap!

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Slapsee Sunglasses