NASA's 128-screen hyperwall can display ocean currents

Stunning supercomputer simulations reveal how ocean currents move around the world.

NASA’s 128-screen hyperwall can display ocean currents on a 10 by 23-foot wall.

Above, the 128-screen hyperwall visualization system can display unique images in selected “cells”, as seen here, or can display a single image across all screens.  Credit NASA

Scientists used it to visualize the origin of the Gulf Stream.

Our in-house developed hyperwall visualization system—one of the largest and most powerful in the world—provides a supercomputer-scale environment to visualize and explore the very large, high-dimensional datasets produced by NASA supercomputers and instruments.

The hyperwall helps researchers display, analyze, and study high-dimensional datasets in meaningful ways, allowing the use of different tools, viewpoints, and parameters to display the same data or datasets.

source NASA