Hyperlight Icon, a concept hypercar by Lee Rosario.

At first glance, the Icon concept borrows from contemporary modern muscular design cues, but is actually centered around a “living and breathing” technology platform underneath the skin.

Hyperlight Icon Hypercar

Much in the way a living organism can sense danger and heal itself in the event of injury, the Icon proposes that machines of the future can be designed to not only look futuristic, but to function much like a living machine. (15)

Even though we are considerably far away from such technologies, the vision of a self sufficient, “living” car that promotes fewer accidents, supplemental intelligent decision making and basic self healing functions to help reduce maintenance costs is a vision worth exploring. (14)

Key Features:
– A “living and breathing” regenerative exterior which “heals” dents, scrapes and up to major impact situations (memory shape tech)
– Self diagnostic and self healing systems for crucial mechanical systems (requires purchase of some raw materials)
– 100% Reusable 3D printed parts
– Cam-less Freevalve V6 Hybrid Engine System (30% more powerful and 70% more efficient)
– Dyson Air Blade wiperless windshield cleaning system
– “Breathable” gills located behind the front wheels use conductive airflow to help power electric systems and air filtration systems
– Keyless Biometric DNA touch access and startup
– Rupture resistant magnetic run safe high performance tyres
– Magnetic carbon breaking system for precise stopping power
– Holographic cockpit HUD and intelligent self drive systems
– Adaptable electrically charged uniflex rear spoiler and aerodynamic body kit (no moving internal parts)
– Holographic rear projection screen signals and informs other drivers behind vehicle by providing: signal information, rearview camera, radar scanning. (13)

Freevalve V6 Dual Twin Turbo cam-less, coupled with a front end Brushless 200 MGU Electric recovery engine
V-angle: 90° cylinder angle
Fuel Type: Special blend hydrogen/nitrogen high output / electric
Power output: 1000 + 160 hp @ 18000 rpm
Max. speed: 483km/h (300 mph) (12) (11) (10) (9) (8) (7) (5) (4) (3) (2)

source Behance