Injectable Foam repairs Degenerating Bones

Scientists created a simple and effective approach for bone repair, a syringe-foaming using a viscous hydrophilic polymeric solution.

French researchers have developed a injectable macroporous foam for repairing bone and assisting its growth.

Above: The low-density paste floats on top of a saline solution (left) and is visibly porous in the SEM image (right).  Credit Elsevier

The foam could help regenerate bone faster than anything else, offers a quick and minimally invasive way for surgeons to perform bone repair procedures, and most important, possibly treat osteoporosis.

,’ explains Weiss.

‘We knew that both biomaterials are biocompatible separately but we didn’t know how the body would react with a combination of both.

To find an answer, and also to test the biofunctionality of the foam, they conducted preliminary in vivo tests by making tiny defects in the thigh bones of two live rabbits and injected the foam into the cavities.

We think this could be a good biomaterial, perhaps with active molecules, to act against osteoporosis locally. We need to determine the proof of concept in animal models.”

via sciencealert