Jaguar C-type Continuation

Jaguar to celebrate 70 years of the C-type, winner of the Le Mans 24-hour race, restarts production on a strictly limited run.

In 1951, Jaguar C-type became the first of our marque to win the hallowed Le Mans 24-hour race. Breaking every speed and distance record in the process. And on its first attempt.

Jaguar C-type Continuation

In 2021, 70 years since its breathtaking beauty and brawn burst onto the world’s racetracks, we restart production on a strictly limited run of the ultimate 1953 disc-brake specification.

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Designed, developed and tested in just half a year, C-type’s stunning undulating body style was informed by the experiences of its designer and aerodynamicist, Malcolm Sayer.

Jaguar C-type Continuation (5)

Seven decades on, each new C-type Continuation will reflect the 1953 Le Mans-winning works team car specification, including a 3.4-litre straight-six engine with triple Weber 40DCO3 carburettors for 220bhp, and disc brakes.

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Aligning 3D Computer Aided Design (CAD) with engineering drawings and company records created by the original C-type development team, our specialists at Jaguar Classic are able to craft hand-built continuations with absolute authenticity.

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