Japanese Spaceplane Project

Japanese startup is developing a reusable spaceplane to carry passengers to orbit, by 2023.

The startup PD AeroSpace, a Nagoya-based aerospace Japanese company, is looking to provide sub-orbital flights.

Our fully reusable suborbital spacecraft has unique advantages compared to ordinary rockets or other launchers with multiple engines.

– Capable of take off and landing like ordinary aircraft
– The spacecraft is fully reusable.
– A single engine provides thrust for the entire flight by alternating combustion methods between jet mode and rocket mode.

The spaceplane in order to reach space with a single engine, the world’s first pulse-detonation based engine capable of alternating between jet combustion and rocket combustion modes is under development.

– Simplicity of mechanism, high load, and high efficiency of such engine allows improved reliability and reduced flight cost.
– The engine can be restarted during return flight and landing, allowing the spacecraft to have standby and diversion capabilities.

Japanese Spaceplane Project

The unmanned scaled-down model of the vehicle that will fly tourists to space by 2023. Credit: PD Aerospace