Kitty Hawk’s Flyer

One-person VTOL Kitty Hawk’s Flyer has now flown over 25,000 times.

Kitty Hawk’s Flyer is crafted using highly durable composite material that is lightweight, aerodynamic, and waterproof.

Designed to be easy to fly for recreational purposes over water and uncongested areas.

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Flyer creates thrust through all-electric motors that are significantly quieter than any fossil fuel based equivalent. When it is in the air, depending on your distance, it will sound like a lawnmower (50ft) or a loud conversation (250ft).

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We have adjusted the flight control system to limit the speed to 20 mph for our first riders’ flights.

We have not yet disclosed Flyer’s sale price. Our mission is to give more people the freedom of flight so we will work with partners to make fleets of Flyer available to fly in recreational environments around the world.

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Led by Sikorsky prize winner and Guinness world record holder Todd Reichert, the team has spent countless hours meticulously designing, building and testing Kitty Hawk’s first personal flying vehicle.

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